Where to Find the Key to the Door in Mzulft Aedrome

Where to Find the Key to the Door in Mzulft Aedrome

Welcome to the intriguing world of Mzulft Aedrome, a Dwemer ruin shrouded in mystery and adventure. If you’re wondering where you can find the key to the door in Mzulft Aedrome, look no further. In this guide, we will unravel the secrets of this ancient dungeon and provide you with the essential steps to acquire the elusive key.

Get ready to delve into the depths of Mzulft Aedrome and uncover its hidden treasures.

Steps to Obtain Mzulft Aedrome Key

The key to the door in Mzulft Aedrome can be found within the dungeon itself. Specifically, it is located in a chest guarded by a Dwemer Centurion. Here are the steps to acquire it:

  1. Defeat the Dwemer Centurion: If you haven’t already, eliminate the Dwemer Centurion.
  2. Locate the Dwarven Chest: After defeating the Centurion, search for a Dwarven chest. It might be easy to overlook, as it can resemble the other scattered items in the area.
  3. Open the Chest: Once you find the chest, open it. Inside, you’ll discover the key needed to unlock the door.

Remember to also explore the surroundings and collect any other valuable items. Additionally, consider taking the focus crystal from one of the Falmer in the vicinity

Step-by-Step Guide to Tackle the Mzulft Aedrome Puzzle

Solving the puzzles in Mzulft Aedrome can be quite challenging, but fear not—I’ve got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide to tackle the Mzulft Aedrome puzzle:

  1. Enter Mzulft Aedrome: Begin by entering the Mzulft Aedrome from the Mzulft Boilery.

  2. Deal with Enemies: As you walk up the ramp, you’ll encounter Falmer and Chaurus. Take them down to clear your path.

  3. Large Multi-Leveled Room: Proceed into a large multi-leveled room. Here’s where the real puzzle begins.

  4. Eliminate Falmer: Your goal is to find the Focusing Crystal. The Falmer Gloomlurker holds this crystal. Use sneak to lure out the Falmers one at a time and defeat them.

    Once you’ve defeated the Gloomlurker, pick up the Focusing Crystal from one of the bodies.

  5. Solve the Oculory Puzzle: Now that you have the Focusing Crystal, head to the Oculory. Stand directly under the crystal and follow these steps:

    • Use a flame spell for at least 5 seconds.
    • Alternate to a frost spell and use it twice, each time for a 5-second burst.
    • This should align the bands correctly into each light path.

For visual assistance, you can also check out this video guide that demonstrates how to focus the Oculory in Mzulft Aedrome.

Discover Mzulft, the Enigmatic Dwarven Ruin

Mzulft is a substantial Dwarven ruin situated south-southeast of Windhelm, along the main road connecting Windhelm and Riften. Here are some details about Mzulft:

  1. Location: Mzulft lies south-southeast of Windhelm and is positioned northwest of Stony Creek Cave. It’s nestled along the main road between Windhelm and Riften in the region of Eastmarch.

  2. Access Restrictions: The majority of the three-zoned main ruin within Mzulft is blocked by a locked door that cannot be picked. However, this door becomes accessible once you embark on the College of Winterhold quest “Revealing the Unseen”.

  3. Significance: Mzulft is home to one of two Oculories in Skyrim (the other being deep underground in Blackreach). This unique feature made it a target of a secret project conducted by the Synod. However, the locals weren’t pleased, and their actions have significantly impacted the mages’ numbers.

    Only two mages remain alive within the ruin upon your arrival.

  4. Treasures and Resources:

    • Mzulft contains a wealth of Dwemer metal items, which can be smelted into Dwarven metal ingots or sold directly for a significant profit.
    • You can also collect all ten of the Dwarven cogs needed to complete the quest “Arniel’s Endeavor” here.
    • Keep an eye out for several moonstone ore veins in the first two zones, as well as one in the last.
    • Two Dwemer convectors can be found in Mzulft: one inside the main ruins and another in the Dwarven Storeroom.
  5. Exterior Structure:

    • Mzulft’s exterior features three main structures:
      • A wall with an extending archway to the northwest.
      • The Dwarven Storeroom to the southwest.
      • The main entrance to the ruins between them.
    • An iron ore vein is located at the northwestern end of the wall, against the cliff face.
    • If you have the Dawnguard expansion installed, an adventurer carrying a copy of “The Aetherium Wars” lies under the archway in a pool of blood.
    • Additionally, a hidden chest sits atop the wall near a pipe belching steam, accessible by zigzagging up the hill.
  6. Navigating Inside Mzulft:

    • The first room you encounter is a small antechamber. Gavros Plinius is against the wall ahead and to the right. Loot him when he dies to find, among other things, the key to the unpickable door, which is the only way forward.
    • Head east along the corridor. The right wall appears to have collapsed partly, with earth and plants intruding into the typical Dwemer architecture.
    • Various pieces of Dwemer scrap metal and pottery are scattered on and underneath the stone shelves as you climb the ramp.

Tips for navigating Mzulft Aedrome

Mzulft Aedrome can be quite perplexing, but fear not—I’ll guide you through it. Here are some tips to overcome the challenges in this Dwemer ruin:

  1. Quest Context:

    • You’re on the quest “Revealing the Unseen” as part of the College of Winterhold storyline.
    • Your objective is to find the Staff of Magnus to avert a prophesied disaster.
  2. Location and Background:

    • Mzulft is southeast of Windhelm. You can reach it by traveling south from Windhelm Stables toward Riften.
    • The Synod, a mystical group, has been investigating the Staff of Magnus and mentioned Mzulft.
  3. Entering Mzulft:

    • As you enter Mzulft’s interior, you’ll find a Synod researcher named Gavros Plinius. He’s dying and utters, “Crystal… gone… Find… Paratus… in Oculory…”
    • Search Gavros’s body for a research log that mentions a focusing crystal needed for their mysterious effort.
  4. The Oculory:

    • Paratus, mentioned by Gavros, is crucial to solving the puzzle.
    • Travel through the extensive ruin to find the Oculory.
    • Inside Mzulft Aedrome, ascend the ramp. You’ll encounter leveled Falmer and a chaurus.
    • Proceed to a large, multi-leveled room accessible through two open doorways.
  5. Obtaining the Focusing Crystal:

    • In the large room, you’ll face several leveled Falmer, including one carrying the focusing crystal.
    • Retrieve the crystal to complete the quest.
  6. Solving the Oculory Puzzle:

    • The Oculory is a curious device. To align the light beams:
      • Stand directly under the crystal.
      • Use a flame spell for at least 5 seconds.
      • Alternate to a frost spell and use it twice in 5-second bursts.
      • The bands should move into each light path.
      • Once the beams are on different rings in the ceiling, press the buttons at the top until they align with the crystal circles.
      • Talk to the Synod researcher afterward.

For a visual walkthrough, you can also check out this video guide.

Unlocking the Locked Door in Mzulft Aedrome

In Mzulft Aedrome, you can find the key to the locked door by following these steps:

  1. Defeat the Dwemer Centurion: As you explore the dungeon, you’ll encounter a Dwemer Centurion. Defeat it in battle.
  2. Locate the Dwarven Chest: After defeating the Centurion, proceed to the right path. You’ll pass through several doors (without encountering enemies). Eventually, you’ll see a chest on a shelf directly in front of you.
  3. Retrieve the Key: Open the Dwarven chest. Inside, you’ll find the key for the door you want to unlock.

Remember to also loot other valuable items while you’re there! And don’t forget to grab the focus crystal from one of the Falmer creatures

In conclusion, navigating through Mzulft Aedrome can be a challenging yet rewarding experience for any adventurer. From defeating Dwemer Centurions to solving intricate puzzles, each step brings you closer to unlocking the door and unveiling the mysteries within. Remember, the key to the door in Mzulft Aedrome can be found by defeating the Dwemer Centurion and opening the Dwarven chest.

So gear up, explore every nook and cranny, and don’t forget to seize the focus crystal. Your journey through Mzulft Aedrome awaits, filled with excitement and discovery.


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